About this blog

This blog is about various things that interest me, including:

  • Programming, in particular Python,
  • Free Software like GNU/Linux and Emacs,
  • Software development and related tools,
  • Long-distance walks and mapping,
  • Random geeky thoughts.

About me

I’m George Kettleborough, a software developer and geek located in Cambridge. I’m currently working on data platforms in medical research. Previously I’ve worked in genomics and had a brief stint in finance. I also hold a PhD in Computer Science.

I started programming around the age of 12 when my dad showed me how to make websites by writing HTML in MS Notepad. I later discovered PHP and installed my very own WAMP stack. Combined with a love of mathematics and machinery I quickly fell in love with programming.

I took Computer Science at uni and it was at this point I discovered GNU/Linux. Up until that point a lot of stuff seemed mysterious and impenetrable. I learnt about Free Software and decided I didn’t ever want to live in the non-free world again. I’m an FSF member and contributor whenever the time allows.